Thursday, 4 July 2013


Like Koko Swing, and the others, Roger Meece has to leave his position at the helm of MONUSCO in the DRC. Very difficult to know what he achieved. Maybe he's done the same thing that activists are saying of his replacement coming in from Iraq. Mr. Martin Kobler, a German diplomat with experience in the new frontiers of 21st imperialism: he was in Iraq as the head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for that country. Prior to that, he was in Afganistan. He has among other things worked in the Balkan Task Force in 1997-1998. Those of you who follow world transformations will remember what was happening in that part of the world in those years, etc... enough to reveal the specialization of the man: chaos! Assistance of foreign power in conflict zone has become simply "perpetuating chaos". Just trace the diplomatic itinerary of this guy. 

What is Ban Ki Moon expecting to achieve in the DRC with this new appointment? One of the articles that pops up when you google Mr. Martin Kobler can tell you a bit about what to expect: If what he was doing in Irak is to legitimize the government oppression imposed on the people, this is a guy who might be coming in to supervise the UN warmongering mission to be carried out by the brigade of intervention heavily made up of soldiers from no less warmongering Tanzania and South Africa. We have all the ingredients for an explosive cocktail meant to set fire on the specific area of the Great Lakes Region from the Tanganyika to the lake Albert. Why are African State watching this war machine being set in motion without denouncing it?

Is there no specific political agenda to develop our own people? Is the so called international community only interested in trying to organise another genocide under the guise of a UN mission? In the name of what or who? With which specific purpose, in the short or the long term? And in Kinshasa, it's small talk around national consultations? On what pray, tell us? Or is it that it's Kabila distracting the national opinion again. The failure of the CNS should be a good lesson, but does Kabila even know what mde it fail? In the meantime, prepare to receive another corrupt UN official, if we are to believe what is said about Martin Kobler, who is to be calling the shots with this sinister brigade of intervention. You can read also this article explaining whom he was working for in Iraq. Why is the DRC so stuck with corrupt UN officials?

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