Sunday, 14 July 2013


Things can turn quite quickly around Goma if FARDC are to achieve Joseph Kabila's belligerant plans. We knew that FARDC were holding meetings with their friends FDLR even yesterday late into the evening. Interestingly, it's FARDC heading the new assault, which to my last information, includes also helicopters, shelling away M23 positions. I found some illustrative Map: The question is not that FARDC is attacking M23, this has been Kabila's plan all along. The question is what the United Nations guys are going to do in all this. MONUSCO is supposedly still a neutral force. We'd expect that, despite Basse' pretentious declarations, he has not forgotten that MONUSCO is not the same thing as the so-called Rapid Intervention Brigade. The latter seems to be, up to now, a little bit toothless. I am not the only one thinking that. You can see how SADC countries are trying a different move to get involved from another front: the diplomatic one!!! Why, why would SADC be included in the Kampala talks? I can't believe that this is Kikwete again!!! The UN and all vultures agreed in November last year that CIGLR was to facilitate talks in Kampala, SADC tried hard helping Kabila to make those talks impossible, now the same day that FARDC are given the go ahead to attack M23, SADC guys want to be part of negociations? The same ones who have already pledged troupes to fight M23? Surely, only Kabila's allies can think this backwards. They wanted a battle, there they have it. I just hope that no CIGLR state is going to tell Makenga to pull out again, because they have despised his willingness to support the talks in Kampala. Let's watch and see what happens. I can only wish the freedom fighters a clean win.

Don't be surprised when you see Congolese media and their social network giving you the opposite side of this story. They will tell you that M23 attacked them to distract you from understanding when FDLR and the UN will enter the battle to help FARDC. Freedom shall prevail.

As I write this, I am told M23 resistance has produced the usual effect on FARDC, helicopters are going back to the airport and rumors from Kabila's ranks will soon start accusing neighboring countries and you know which ones. In the meantime, while I wondered what the UN guys will be doing, this is what someone has just sent me: Ban Ki Moon is actually in Paris with no less than the infamous Ladsous, boss of the UN "peace-un-keeping" missions, and the French defense minister: Could they be cooking up a carnage in the Great Lakes again? This time, even if they invest so much in the lies-propaganda of the media, no one will ever say that we did not see this being plotted. I said some time back that we cannot beat them at their own game, but we cannot afford not to try to find our own way. catch up later, when more update get in; it seems that the battle is now around Muja.

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