Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Now we know why Tshibanda and Malu Malu persisted in asking an impossibility from M23 in Kampala this week. Kabila obstinate determination not to negotiate the peace meant only one thing, the only option he has been using since 2004: war. However it's a road he should not try treading because he gets lost in it. It does not matter whether he inflates his army by including in it FDLR, Mai Mai of all kinds, or Tanzanian and South African Mercenaries, his military option is meant to fail. No political problem can be solved only through war, even the American economic wars are failing because they do not solve politically the political problems they create. Just look at John Kerry blindness in the Middle-East, the Syrian issue or look at the Arab spring that Hillary Clinton boasted about so much: I wonder how proud she is of the situation of the Egyptian people today.

Here is what I got to know this morning: at 11 pm last night, FDLR attacked M23 position in Busanza, that's Rutshuru territory. They looted livestock there, about 100 cows from a peaceful population. There has been some casualties: the FDLR commandant who goes by the nickname of SOKI has died and 7 of his men.  The good thing for M23 in this episode is that they have been able to seize the weapons and ammunition left behind by these assailants. It seems that the coalition of FARDC, Mai Mai and FDLR are now launching more attacks around Goma starting from Kanyarucinya. I suppose that Makenga will be or has already ordered his forces to repeal the enemy.

What do we make of the fake diplomatic move in Kampala this week and the attacks this morning? I can only speculate making use of the declarations made by the French representative as you saw on the link I posted yesterday: France must have a deal with both Kabila and FDLR for their historical ties and their common unfinished business as we know. The declarations only are a veiled show off in terms of the support that both Kabila and FDLR enjoy on the part of not only the French government but the entire International Community. Which makes of the three a common front against the peace in DRC and in the Region. So fight on M23, as I often told Nkunda in the past, you could be the last bastion on the road to recovering the dignity of our people . 


I am told that MONUSCO's contingent based in Kanyarucinya has responded to the FDLR's attack on M23. The question is why did they do that? We know that officials from M23 have already congratulated them for this. But the question persists? We know that the M23 army' spokesman was the first to inform Monusco about the attack. Always in a bid to have them as witnesses of who provokes who, to make all  potential accusations from the international community and Kinshasa against M23 completely baseless. Two possible reasons: 1) The indians of Monusco know there is no winning against M23, besides, their mandate is still neutral; 2) The brigade of intervention has come in with a different mandate, which is to wage war, so Monusco has to keep its own mandate, continue its business (even mineral trafficking???), without antagonising M23 or allowing any sparks for war.  You tell me what you think made them stop FDLR attacks, when we know, on the other hand, that they are also their allies when it comes to please Kinshasa. Are any dynamics changing here?


It is so simple for mainstream media, social or otherwise, to saw confusion. But this like this reveals which interests are behind such assertions. 

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