Wednesday, 17 July 2013


From friends around Goma:

1) Figthing started since 11:00 am, (it) looks like FARDC started running to Goma will keep you updated. I asked whether they have run out of bombs. The answer is I don't think so, it's just panic. Oh, les valereux UN-FDLR-FARDC!!!

2) Someone tweeting from the front line? Fardc r retreating from the front line, M23 has opened the fire & Advancing to Goma, in Swahili they call us "SONGA MBELE".

3) A Phone call from the front line confirms that FARDC have lost Kanyaruchinya, which they were boasting about for 3 full days. Now combats are taking place in Munigi, which as you know is just at 5 km from the airport in Goma. I wonder whether Paluku is ready to pack again. But before we know what he wants to do, here, check point n. 4 below to see what he told a journalist yesterday.

4) Julien Paluku affirming with a straight face that his country does not have to start looking for solutions to the crisis since they already have the UN on their side, from Jeune Afrique, hilarious. Note that he is repeating Colette Braeckman huge lie on the presence of Al Shabab in the Kivu. Paluku is like Kabila, what Colette Braeckman says is like the word of God, haha.

Ces combats vont-ils continuer jusqu’à la neutralisation du M23 ?
Nous avons déjà les troupes de la brigade internationale d’intervention de la Monusco à Goma. Nous n’allons pas nous-mêmes commencer à trouver la solution aux problèmes alors que nous avons déjà recours aux forces onusiennes. La prochaine étape sera plutôt la mise en place d’une opération coordonnée entre les FARDC [Forces armées de la RDC] et les soldats tanzaniens, sud-africains et malawites qui composent la brigade d’intervention. Ce que l’armée congolaise a pu faire à Mutaho, c’était juste une réplique à la provocation des rebelles du M23 qui cherchaient à marcher de nouveau sur Goma en espérant forcer le gouvernement congolais à répondre favorableùent à toutes leurs revendications dans les discussions de Kampala. Du côté de Beni où les assaillants ougandais de l’ADF-Nalu ont attaqué deux localités congolaises, les FARDC les ont déjà chassés de Kamango et sont en train de se déployer à Kikingi.

Lire l'article sur : RDC - Julien Paluku : "Les islamistes Shebab combattent aux côtés du M23 et de l'ADF-Nalu"

5) Yesterday FARDC killed their very own Lt. Col. Bwami Ruhorana and exhibited his body being mistreated and they said it was an M23 soldier. How far are they ready to go to lie further? The aim of course was to prove how much damage they have done to M23. When it came out that they killed their own, they started saying he was a traitor.

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