Thursday, 18 July 2013


I have just been told that MONUSCO was in meetings with FARDC this morning. That is quite fishy! Remember I said yesterday that rumor had it that they wanted M23 to wait??? And now we get to know they met with FARDC in the morning? After I posted here the lies from Braeckman, I knew more lies were about to be cooked up. I just didn't know who was going to start first. I thought Mende would have spoken about the fugitive FARDC, I wasn't surprised when Paluku said Mamadou has not been summoned by the rais. The announced vistories of FARDC by social media hordes were also expected. Now we must expect worse lies in the vein that only useless UN guys and FARDC can cook up. I am just warning you.

You might hear of things such as atrocities committed by M23, or child soldiers seen on battle field, or Rwandan soldiers disguised in women clothes. They might go as far as showing Rwandans among war prisoners and more of this kind. I am sure their meeting wasn't about what Ban Ki Moon asked: that the DRC government investigates atrocities and profanities committed by FARDC under the eyes of the entire world. Is there any need for investigation when crimes are committed under broad light and media cameras??? 

I am sure they have discussed on how they are going to hide from Ban Ki Moon how far the UN military support to FARDC bestiality have gone. But we know all those will be lies. Just a sample: Thank God, Makenga and the entire M23 know about the truth, only the populace will be cheated. The latest rumor is that the rais himself could be in Goma. Maybe that's why Paluku says Mamadou did not go to Kin. Mahoma has come to the Mountain. Watch out, don't let anyone cheat you, and let us make these people know their lies have become too predictable.

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