Wednesday, 17 July 2013


1) There must be a great confusion in Kabila's troupes. From the front line: nous venons de frapper serieusement les FARDC, plusiers ont fuit au Rwanda à gisenyi précisement à BUGANGARI. Literal translation: We've just hit FARDC hard, many of them are on the run, they taken refuge into Rwanda, Gisenyi, specifically at Mbuga Ngari. Quite interesting! Who would have thought that FARDC would run into the country they vilify the most???? Unless it is a new tactic to sneak in FDLR, their friends. M23 giving FARDC the same panic Nyirangongo subjects Goma to from time to time?

However the most interesting thing would be to see those fleeing FARDC being nicely welcomed by Rwandan officials, being properly registered as refugees and probably being handed over to the UNHCR. The hilarious thing would be to see Tanzanians among them, haha, I should not be laughing, the panic must have been absolutely irresistible

2) From a friend in Goma: Tunasubiri vijana kesho asubui. Literal translation. We are expecting the Youth (M23) tomorrow morning. The problem is that I hear from another source that now Monusco is asking them to wait. Wait for what, after the UN did nothing to put pressure on Kabila in Kampala; after instead of that, Mary Robinson and her boss together with the IC are busy organising Kabila's phony Consultations Nationales??? Wht is Monusco afraid of? Losing their base? M23 is not like FARDC who managed to badly damage Monusco's base in Kanyaruchinya before leaving.

I think this is my last update for tonight! Catch up tomorrow.

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