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I personally don't know who funds Pole Institute and I did not want to enter the raging debate about it among DRC media and fora, you can imagine why: the lack of rationality in the debate leaves me almost indifferent to the theme. I can say it positively: If all DRC media and fora are after Pole Institute, it means the latter may be actually doing something good, but I am not finding out. What I like about L.'s comment that I am posting below is that he thinks we still have a younger generation of people who are more concerned about what is better for their country. But as L. says so well, the international community will do whatever to hamper them, so we got to support them!

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Pole institute in Goma is sponsored by German protestant church. It is a kind of mission for the right belief disguised in facts. We know what kind of foreposts missions have had and still have in Africa. They pave the path for the theft of mineral wealth in Africa. The loser are African people who live in complete poverty while in Europe and Germany a minority does not know where to throw away their money.
If one tells this fact, one is blamed as envy.
Germany as world champion of export has giant greed for raw material and does everything to get hold of this. So there is no mistery when Germany hosts such FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn. Germany is léopoldizing Congo as Belgians do.
Laurent Nkunda did no other than Mr. Kamara in Guinea did. Germany gets 70% of it's aluminium ore from Guinea for such a low price with result that Guinea's population is one of the poorest in the world. Mr. Kamara put an end to this. Suddenly we hear an outcry from the international comunity: lack of democracy, human rights abuse, etc.
Of course it is wrong to punish thieves of wealth in the eyes of this so called comunity. We must admit that war criminals live in safe heaven and innocent people like Laurent Nkunda are blamed as war crminals without proof as repeatedly is spread in international press.

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Anonymous said...

The rotten egg Bosco Ntaganda continues to smell.
As The East African Standard unveils, Joseph Kabila is in trouble. ICC wants Bosco Ntaganda but Joseph Kabila protects him.
So promised aid so badly needed by Joseph Kabila does not come.
In contrary Bosco obeys to his master and continues to cut off limbs of people in Kivu as reported by human right organisations.
And at long last it is admitted that Bosco the terminator was involved in Kivanja massacre. But we well remmember how Laurent Nkunda was blamed for this and made to scape goat for trouble in Kivu.
In the same time Kagame is put under pressure to deliver Laurent Nkunda to Kinshasa.
Adding all these facts one can resume that the beloved peace in Kivu is so brittle that Obosanjo's creation of Goma has landed in the dustbin. And in fact now the secret why FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka resides so comfortable in Bonn/Germany has been ventilated. FDLR is busy smuggling coltan in Kivu so badly needed by BAYER/Germany, despite coltan UN-embargo. Of course one does not put in jail such valuable trafficker.

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There remains one big difference between those two men. Kamara got power when Nkunda failed.
The first waited his turn to move his chess master piece when the second lost time bargaining and explaining loudly what he was thinking and planing to do.

The first knew where are dangers when the second was ignoring his bro and supposed friend could be his infallible enemy. Worse, Nkunda concentrated all his forces in one place without being able to deal with any attack from around ...

Now, Kamara is not safe yet. He also could fail and be knocked out ...
Maybe his neighbor Rawlings or Museveni give him tips on how to survive ...
As for Kagame, unfortunately, he still is in boiling water (aracyari mu mazi abira). French and EU are coursing him because they failed with the Interahamwe adventure.

Till now, I am lost with other partners' positions in this affair. Here, I am wonder why there is no "spirit breath" from our churches, catholics particularly, to comment those events on Nkunda as prisoner and on FDLR - FARDC criminals...


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In this case it is useful to remember how Uncle Ho got rid of Yanks in Vietnam. Despite failed aid by USSR and sabotage by China he was cabable of entering Saigon even with tanks, so that on US Saigon embassy the last Bell Hue rescued some last personnel. Like ants Vietcong moved along Ho Tchi Min path while US were spraying agent orange and putting bomb carpets on Vietnam. But what do we see today, human shields are used to protect some thieves, mercenairies steel, loot and rape and beg for money, make gold trafficking with Indian MONUCs,even CNDP. How will freedom come like this?

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Enough with hand outs, don't you think so?