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Got this from my gmail inbox. It's from reader Roger who hopes that L. does understand French, I suppose because L. has commented many times on posts in French here. Roger is trying to explain why Dr Murwanashyaka, head of FDLR lives peacefully in Germany, from where he seems to proclaim he has become the King of Kivu since Nkunda's arrest. I wonder whether the Rwandan Afandes had sought this outcome., in any case somebody got to deal with it, and they got to realize this somebody has to be Nkunda. Here comes Roger's text. Sorry Roger, I said I'd edit but I did not.

Bonjour chère Antoinette. J'espère que tu as passé des bonnes vacances comme nous te l'avons souhaité. Merci toujours pour ton blog (que je consulte chaque jour) que tu ne cesses d'enrichir. Aujourd'hui, j'ai voulu faire un commentaire sur les propos de Mr. L. mais je ne peux publier, je ne sais pourquoi. Si alors tu peux bien le publier pour moi, voici en bas ce que je voulais compléter sur les propos de Mr. L. sur le cas Murwanashyaka et Nkunda. Bonne journée.

J'espère que Mr. L. comprend le français. À plusieurs reprises, je constate qu'il ne cesse de parler de Murwanashyaka qui vit en toute liberté à Bonn sans s'inquiéter de rien. Il voyage légalement partout au monde, il rencontre les dirigeants de la RDC en toute quiétude, il est contacté par les médias internationaux, etc. Oui, il y a bien leiu de se poser des questions sur son cas. Il y a de cela quelques semaines, j'ai assisté à une conférence de la 15e commémoration du génocide des tutsi au Rwanda à Ottawa (Ca). Celle-ci était animée par l'ambassadeur du Rwanda au Canada Mme Eda Mukarugwiza et l'invité de marque, Mr. Adama Dieng, qui travaille pour le TPIR à Arusha. Ce dernier a parlé entre autre du rôle de son organisation dans la prévention de génocide (...) et a prononcé le fameux slogan de l'ONU qui sort très facilement de la bouche des employés de cette organisation: «plus jamais ça, never again»... Bref, le moment de poser des questions est arrivé, à Mme l'ambassadeur je lui ai posé la question de savoir le pourquoi le gouvernement Rwandais a décidé d'arrêter Laurent Nkunda qui avait prouvé qu'il était capable de mettre hors d'état de nuire ces génocidaires qui sèment la désolation en RDC, qui n'ont jamais cessé de vouloir attaquer la population rwandaise pendant plus de 4 ans, etc. au lieu de chercher comment arrêter Murwanashyaka qui dirige une organisation qui tue, viole et pille en toute impunité. Bref, pour le cas de Nkunda, l'ambassadeur a répondu bien sûr comme son chef l'a bien dit que c'est linvité (éternel peut-être?) et Mr. Dieng a répondu en disant que pour le cas de Murwanashyaka, il ne fait pas partie de priorité des personnes recherchées et pas surtout par le TPIR car, il ne figure pas sur leur liste. Une façon de dire qu'il n'y a pas d'accusations portées contre lui. Voilà donc pourquoi Murwanashaka est libre comme le vent en Allemagne comme partout au monde.

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Anonymous said...

12.05.2009 08:35
Thank you Roger for putting some light on detention of Laurent Nkunda. Specially the fact that there is trade of lists where this or that person is declared as warlord or war criminal or not. It seems these lists are produced to the taste to this or that governement by this or that NGO to feed this or that politician to act at is taste. If we look at EULEX list for example Laurent Nkunda is in neighborhood with the FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn. So easy conclusion Laurent Nkunda is of same caliber as Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka. If one lacks of intelligence one may believe this nonsense. But if one goes beyond that, one must ask if EU is to be taken serious or needs to produce such nonsense, what is the reason?
In the case of Jean-Pierre Bemba Baroso gave him safe heaven in Portugal. But for some reason this became to hot for Baraoso and now Jean-Pierre Bemba sits in The Hague behind iron courtains. Our dear Mrs. Chancellor is far better than Lady Thatcher. With a grin and smile she handles everything, even the request of Kagame to arrest Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka. And beyond that persuaded Kagame to do his dirty job for her and arrest Nkunda. Mrs. Chancellor is known to trade with invalid cheques. The old tradition of Africa to take glass pearls seems to have revived in this case. Astonishing though is the fact that France now accuses three presidents of African countries of misusing aid from France and having bought houses in France.
German colonialism is fresh on the market again, too long away from those times of Lettow-Vorbeck and Nachtigall who were very keen butchers in Africa. The race for giving safe heaven for African war criminals in Germany astonishes many Congolese so long as they finally find themselves back in the torture baracks of Joseph Kabila. We must remenber, Joseph Kabila enjoyed audience by the late chancellor Schröder. In return he promised him German troops in Kinshasa. Congolese used only to Belges and their beatings thought now comes uhuru. Nkunda was a thorn in the flesh of German foreign policy. The invasion of German troops in Goma as the president of Germany demanded, is not over. If Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka does not succeed with his FDLR in Kivu, those Wehrmachts will land in Goma and smoke out all remains of CNDP. The old story of Lettow-Vorbeck and Nachtigall will be warmed up again.
To deal with such phenomenon should be well studied to avoid mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening all,

Just a brief comment to the anterior post.
Mr Bemba sits in The Hague not because it was to hot for Mr Barroso... Mr Bemba is there because Mr Sarkozy made a deal with Mr Dos Santos and by the same time suddendly accepted Mr Kabila gouvernement and legitimate some how in the middle may 2008 the RDC elections.
Before begining of May 2008, Mr Sarkozy refuse to have any contact with Mr Kabila, however he received Mr Bemba in France several times betwin 04/2007 and 05/2008...

Antoinette said...

I cannot agree with RuKabu on the mixture of religion in all this. Only because I have been following the geopolitical evolution since my early years in high school, through out law studies and in my professional work till now. While I agree that missionaries tend to be on the side of the imperialistic moves, there is little to do with religion in what is happening to the DRC. This is what specific vultures who have a specific agenda have made a good number of well wishing people to believe. And I know that RuKabu is perfectly able to push his own research a little further to go beyond topical establishment. Today's Africa, not only DRC, and even the whole world, is in urgent need of an out of the box thinking. Otherwise you can end up is a reverse kind of revisionism. I am in a hurry today and cannot elaborate on this, but you are sharp enough to get me!

Anonymous said...

Rukabu has given some good hints. One is the fact, that some nuns of Belgium were involved in Rwanda genocide and tried at court in Belgium. The other is the fact that Joseph Kabila visited the Holy Father and German Hitler youth Ratzinger in Rome to reiceive his blessings. One has not long to guess for what.
Ratzinger has great difficulties in denying jewisch holocaust as we have seen recently. So Congolese must not wonder, if this bloody game against Tutsis goes on.

Antoinette said...

I think it is not honest in terms of deep research to shift the ground of the debate from complex geopolitics to reduce them to church matters. It quite simplistic. I don't say that there are no individual Christians who make wrong political choices, and very wrong ones, but to shift the cause of Eastern DRC from world politics and geoeconomics to a simple matter of sacristie... I don't buy that personally but you are free to think whatever you want. I find it unacceptable to call Benedict the XVI the German Hitler Youth Ratzinger. All Germans of his generation were forced into that. Does that give anyone right to stick that tag for life to each one of them?

Antoinette said...

You don't hurt my feelings, you just give in to journalistic tendencies that I will not admit, either you substantiate things or you don't bring them on.

Antoinette said...

I know the ills done by Christianity in Africa. But I do not buy your effort to tarnish on this blog Pope Benedict XVI, a great intellectual who has my full admiration as a theologian and as a Pope. You may not like him. But after having studied most of his writings, I do like him very much. I don't buy the opposite media frenzy that is accustomed to passing by excellence and not recognizing it. Your last post will be deleted once after enough time has passed for you to see my answer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear L.
I also posted a message about impacts (in plural) of those supposed Christians on Tutsi fate.
She removed it without clear explanation but saying only it's journalistic tendencies. It's History with undisputed facts written with blood of victims.

As for the Pope, he may be whatsoever he want. He is a grownup now. I don't care about his past live but what he is doing for now. If he also is harboring those FDLR like his predecessors, I won't appreciate as for me.
Antoinette can't change that.

Well, Mgr Perraudin with his friends Harroy and Col Regiest are the big responsibles of the massive Exodus of Rwandan Tutsi from 1959 till today.
Today, no Christian organization, particularly Catholic, is protecting Tutsi against FDLR activities. Let's say, they are supporting FDLR and alike all over Europe and in Africa.

About Nkunda, I don't see any positive move toward him from those bishops or pastors because they treat and see him as a "renegade".

So, Nkunda's crusade isn't at all appreciated by those people. Why? He is not communist, neither criminal worse than Kabila and many other Congolese officers. He saved many people and gave hope to those Tutsi refugees.


Antoinette said...

Dear RuKabu,

I do think you are into journalistic tendencies, mostly of the western relativistic and secularist type. It is good to make clear distinctions. The ills of perraudins and co, the racism of Leopold II missionaries, etc... are all evil, no question about. Where I see your opinions as typically relativistic and secularist like any other is that you complain about those ills and then you lament that Bishops are not on Nkunda's side. I don't know what he thinks himself, but his battle is a properly a lay battle like my job in the university is a properly a lay job, or my friend accountant, etc... Bishops got to do their pastoral job not the political one. That's why you are mad at the Perraudins... And that's why I don't like Malu Malu's job, but that is not the Pope's fault (no matter who he is). You have seen and I have, a good mather raise all the kid together with a lot of love and sacrifice and then some when it comes to do their choice, become a shame to the mother... That's what happens to the Pope and to the Church. You don't have to agree with this. Nkunda's cause needs a full support of committed lay people (who can be of any faith, I know there are muslims, protestants, catholics, etc... in his CNDP). If you let the ungodly secularism of the western culture frame your way of looking at events, you'll end up necessarily shifting the debate unto ineffective grounds. And you know what I said here about deleting comments, it's up to me!!! Soooorrryyyy

Anonymous said...

Pole institute in Goma is sponsored by German protestant church. It is a kind of mission for the right belief disguised in facts. We know what kind of foreposts missions have had and still have in Africa. They pave the path for the theft of mineral wealth in Africa. The loser are African people who live in complete poverty while in Europe and Germany a minority does not know where to throw away their money.
If one tells this fact, one is blamed as envy.
Germany as world champion of export has giant greed for raw material and does everything to get hold of this. So there is no mistery when Germany hosts such FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn. Germany is léopoldizing Congo as Belgians do.
Laurent Nkunda did no other than Mr. Kamara in Guinea did. Germany gets 70% of it's aluminium ore from Guinea for such a low price with result that Guinea's population is one of the poorest in the world. Mr. Kamara put an end to this. Suddenly we hear an outcry from the international comunity: lack of democracy, human rights abuse, etc.
Of course it is wrong to punish thieves of wealth in the eyes of this so called comunity. We must admit that war criminals live in safe heaven and innocent people like Laurent Nkunda are blamed as war crminals without proof as repeatedly is spread in international press.