Saturday, 9 May 2009


Here he is seeking the support from the EU for what he calls progress. But we all know the Kivus are under fire on behalf of the FDLR supported by the very same big powers in the EU!!! Anyway, freedom is a rare thing but everyone has got right to it. The EU, the UN and their thousands mediators cum representatives etc... are struggling to crush the latest freedom fighter in the region, Laurent Nkunda and all supporters of the cause he stands for. These magna vultures cannot be the winners. Freedom will prevail. Alan Doss at the service of the new form of colonialism will not win. William Swing tried hard and had to give up. The Rwandan Afandes are at some sort of a loss. The future will tell us... Nice week end to each one of this blog's readers and cheers!


Anonymous said...

11.05.2009 09:16
Yes Mme. Antoinette, that is the truth.
Kagame's deal with Mme. Merkel and Sarkozy to put Laurent Nkunda in jail and free Rose Kabuje has some effect on affairs. The first one is that the FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn is getting so cheek that he boasts now beeing boss of Kivu instead of Nkunda.
This secures theft of coltan by BAYER. A thing which Laurent Nkunda had opposed.
To put ever more silence on this mess, EU LEX has put Laurent Nkunda side by side with war criminal FDLR leader Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka - now living in Bonn. One is curious why now police does not arrest him in safe heaven Germany, where are these champions of human rights? Are there double standards? Do they blame one with the other? It smells all of the old tactic king LĂ©opold used to rule Congo.
Let us hope that this courtain of lies will soon be torn apart.

Antoinette said...

Right, but keep in mind that the architects of Nkunda's arrest are now in a kind of tight fist. They are fully aware they should not have done so, at least according to all appearances. Now the bold move is to let him continue what he started. It is obvious that his vision and what he has done serve not only the two neigbours but also the whole region. We are going to see real men of courage take the bold move I am thinking of!