Saturday, 6 September 2008

Why Mushaki and why pager?

Mushaki for two reasons! First, because it's a beautiful place near Goma in the DRC. Actually the place that saw me coming into this world. Secondly because it took center stage at the end of 2007 in all news about the DRC. The then MONUC spokesman, Kemal Saiki promoted it at the status of a town, in all his press conferences, releases or else, when the Government's Army, FARDC claimed to have defeated Nkunda's troupes over there. Everyone got to know a town was into the governement forces hands. A few hours later, Nkunda's troupes claimed back the so-called town in a victory that would have an impact on the course of events along the difficult way to peace in my country.

To tell the truth, Mushaki is not a town, it's just a cattle market. When I was a child, it was a market full stop! A market where all farmers sold their crops. It became a cattle market in the 80s. The cattle used to be sold in Ruvunda, not far from Mushaki. The better access of Mushaki, on the road to Masisi must have determined the change. Anyway it's a beautiful place that should play a role in bringing about peace!

And now Pager! A pager is a communication tool that it is used in many places. In hospitals you'll see all medics carrying theirs. It helps tracing them easily and alerting them on where they are most needed. It's this alerting function of the pager that made me decide to use the concept, as I wish to alert people on what's the outcome of Mushaki last december's events is like today and tomorrow!


R.N. said...

Que vive Mushaki, ce lieu historique où l'ANC du CNDP a écrasé la coallition FARDC/FDRL-interahamwe, ce lieu qui a donné naissance à l'auteur de ce blog dont je suis certain nous fournira actualité et nous édifiera en analyses politques de la sous-région. Merci A.K.! À toi, R.N.

Claude said...
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C.K said...

Thank you for this blog, A.K!
This is very wonderful, a good idea to connect all of us to our homeland.
Keep up the good job!

N.J said...

Je suis bien ravie de découvrir ce blogs. Congs pour son auteur je suis convaincu que nous aurons sur ce blog des info , analyses objectives et a jours sur l'évolution de la situation dans les Kivu. Congs encore une fois pour l'auteur.

AK said...

Very kind, thank you!