Wednesday, 17 September 2008

What's the Problem? The ICC or the Prosecutor?

The International Criminal Court started in a very fishy manner. It was meant to be politicized, and unfortunately was going to become an instrument for a new type of colonization. With regard to crimes committed on the African Continet, apart from Charles Taylor, it has gone after those who have sought to oppose resolutely the new kind of autocracies. So it's no surprise that some people are already calling for the resignation of its flamboyant prosecutor, the Argentinian Luis Moreno Ocampo:

Some are trying to support him in a sophisticated manner, but then those are international media outlets which play the political game in his camp somehow:

But then it's the whole idea of international court depriving of national sovereign country of their right to apply justice! It's not only about Africa:

The Mushaki Pager is keen following up the ICC moves because it is a threat to the voice of political rationality!

On the Eastern DRC front, a melting pot of news later in the day!

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