Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Kabila is back on time to supervise Monuc killings!

Kabila is back from attending Tsvangirai official ceremonies in Zimbabwe. Instead of going to Kinshasa, he is back in Goma, because his war is still going on there. While the CNDP troupes have recaptured the little town of Kirotshe, the so called UN peacekeepers are once again shooting away against the CNDP positions. The question that no one seems to ask is what is exactly the MONUC mandate? De iure, it is supposed to protect the civilian population, and within the Goma Acte d'Engagement, to provide a framework for the peace process. However, as this morning events are showing, the new de facto mandate seems to be direct fighting the CNDP using their heaviest weaponery. Besides, the MONUC has fully twisted its job: as Kabila is landing in Goma, MONUC forces are killing civilians in GOMA, near the airport. This new development is a result of a careless driving that saw a peacekeepers vehicle killing two people on the road. The population reacted angrily against the peacekeepers who reacted back shooting blindly at the crowd. The number of casualties as reported at the moment is of 6 people dead. It's impossible to know how many injured, and may be more death! The Mushaki Pager will update you on this as soon as possible!

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