Tuesday, 30 September 2008

About Monuc reactions to NGOs reports

It is important to read Alan Doss letters to both NGOs: http://www.monuc.org/News.aspx?newsID=18264

It is also important to note that Congo Advocacy Coalition is a creation of HRW as you can check it out here: http://hrw.org/french/docs/2008/07/28/congo19485.htm

The report from Global Witness is absolutely interesting because it's about illegal trafficking of Gold and tin by FDLR in Eastern DRC. Remember that BBC got some blasting recently because it had exposed Monuc's involvment in such trafficking together with FDLR? That's why Doss is coming out strong and ever so diplomatic to preempt any further inquiry into this. But then his letter to Global Witness contains indicative hints such as the small aircrafts operating unchecked into DRC airspace! Read on, you'll be surprised:"Global Witness"

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