Friday, 1 November 2013


1) In Bunagana: Julien Paluku was supposed to appear today in Bunagana and the population was waiting for him. He never came. This is what happened: he was airlifted by MONUSCO up to Tschengerero, where he made a super brief appearance and huddled back to the helicopter promptly. He understood that FARDC-FDLR-FIB-MONUSCO have been disbanded in Jomba by M23 soldiers. Whatever happened to all the triumphalism he used in Rutshuru, reinstating the maire. The media close to the International community's agenda will not tell you that FARDC coalition units 8005 and 8006  were destroyed in Jomba. So Paluku might have taken my warning yesterday into account, even if minimally, he knows he should not go into Bunagana. And he is already moving around on by choppers, not safe to go by road. I am too sure the choppers are that safe either. And he is not the only one to know that Bunagana isn't a secured position for the government. No media will report on the Jomba destruction of Units 8005 and 8006 because they cannot find a way of blaming that on Rwanda or Uganda and it would mean they must acknowledge what I said yesterday: M23 forces are quite intact.

2) FARDC-FDLR-FIB-MONUSCO coalition in Bunagana: They came, yes. They brought their arsenal to fight what they are calling, to use Jeune Afrique expression "une centaine d'irréductibles retranchés à Chanzu". Ok, only a few hundreds? That's what they pay the media to say. But this coalition knows the moment of walks in the park could shortened. Do you want a proof? They have collected their stock of arms and now are taking them back to Rutshuru. Why? They are afraid, the Jomba episode was quite swift, they know they are not in their "territory" just as yet. The problem is that they are protecting their ammunition, but they have to stick around to give the International community leverage to continue talking about FARDC victories. However, now they are hungry. Remember what FARDC do when they are hungry or simply whenever they can? They loot. That is what the Bunagana population waiting for Paluku had to put up with. Next thing you'll hear about rape, assassinations, etc... And mind you Human rights watch and enough project won't right any reports on that. You can thank me for telling you, haha.

3) Why are the coalition soldiers getting hungry? Because MONUSCO that's been proving food supplies cannot cope with 20,000 soldiers swarming the area from Kibumba to Bunagana. This International  Community is just unbelievable! If you commit to feed Kabila's coalition including génocidaires, then feed them well and daily wherever you have pushed them to go, if not they are a danger for civilians with this looting and extortion. 

4) What is transpiring from Kampala: the International Community ally to Kabila is making sure we are advancing towards war no matter what. The reason is that the only talk going for Kabila is reintegration, may be with some amnesty; and for the International community, the only word is disarmament of M23. Note that they both know that Reintegration and Disarmament are out of question. Kinshasa and IC cannot hide their determination to perpetuate the war since their demands actually means simply that. Did I say my people need patience? I should add more determination than ever. In this era of corrupt deals everywhere, we must dare to stand and not compromise on what we believe in.

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