Tuesday, 5 November 2013


It is so tempting to title this article "le Sanguinaire Kobler". I didn't do it because when he was appointed to this mission, I said it made me shudder to have him in the area and then I started receiving threatening e-mails saying I was a racist etc. Now the evolution of things confirms my fears. I even wish I was wrong in my intuition. The point is this: the famous UN res. 2098 mandated the FIB to fight negative forces in the DRC. Kobler has made his own translation of this into "working with the most negative of those forces FIB was supposed to fight, i.e. genocidaires FDLR" to finish M23. However, if it was his own translation, it would be fine. It was, all along, the International Community's intention. Use the resolution as a pretext, not only to wipe out M23 but, in the same process, open the highway for FDLR to go do what they have been preparing to do all these years: finish what they did not finish in 1994 in their own country. 

That is why the sound heard yesterday afternoon and the whole night was the South-African airstrikes on Mbuzi. I do not have the morning situation, but I would not be surprised to know the whole of Bunagana was included in the bombing, confirming the Uganda fears that prompted the president to order the deployment of tanks along the Uganda-DRC boarder (http://chimpreports.com/index.php/special-reports/13946-museveni-orders-deployment-of-tanks-at-drc-border.html). It also confirms what media close to Kinshasa government published yesterday, for instance the repeated confirmation that MONUSCO has received the green light to finish off M23. Note that it is MONUSCO, not FARDC. Obviously, Kobler and his MONUSCO have no plans to fight FDLR, sorry to repeat the verb so many time, which confirms that this war is against not just M23, but against a possible stability in the region. I don't see how independent and sovereign states who are members of the UN can watch the latter spearhead the movement meant to bring back a genocide rule. And someone dared to frown upon me when I openly expressed a clear uneasiness at having Kobler head MONUSCO?

At the moment when I am writing down these few lines, it is believed that 1000 FDLR are in the Virunga National Park with at least 5 of their high commandants, what for? No doubt about the reason why the UN is covering them once again. Once Kobler clears the M23 for them, we shall certainly know why the International Community, Kabila, Kikwete and Zuma have come to this side of the world. It is not just another genocide looming for the interest of France in the Great Lakes Region, it is a somalization of the area from DRC to the boarder of Tanzania, followed by a yougoslavisation. We shall talk about this, at least to keep record for history's sake.

If the Pretoria summit is about peace in the DRC and the UN is claiming to have wiped out the rebels last night, why are heads of states requesting M23 to declare its own demisse??? Read what is coming from Pretoria here: http://mobi.enca.com/africa/leaders-call-drc-peace-pretoria-summit. This is how you know that war UN is waging on M23 is not really about M23 but about big boys, e.g. Zuma himself interests in the Great Lakes region on the one hand; on the other, the violence of UN forces against M23 and the lack of mention of FDLR in Pretoria tells you, all this is a cover for FDLR. Otherwise tell me why all these men had to go to Pretoria only to tell M23 to declare itself defunct? Something rotten is brewing underneath... Bisimwa had already declared the end of hostilities. I am sure in a few minutes or hours he will follow the orders coming from Pretoria. And in exchange?

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