Thursday, 31 October 2013


Waaaahhhhh, this is the biggest victory M23 has ever scored although unintentionally probably. The big mouth of all vultures in all matters rebel in Eastern DRC has acknowledged there is no Rwandan support for M23. For this once I applaud him, though he spins it immediately to affirm that as one of the reasons why the criminal coalition of FDLR-FARDC-FIB-MONUSCO has swept through the rebels previously held territories. The interesting thing about our cause is that it was born before us and does and will transcend us. And more so when it comes to these guys who became experts of the region dans le sillage de l'agenda sinistre fran├žais in the Great Lakes. They think they know everything because their livelyhood and professional identity comes, not from true knowledge, but from the distortion of it as the geo-politics post 1989 want it to be. I am in a hurry to attend a workshop outside the University but I must find time to elaborate more on this post. Hang on, the Kivu dynamics will not deceive us, and we move with the history on the move.

While I find time to put together the latest update, please read this summary. Almost everything is correct except two things:

1) The author fails to state that M23 forces are still intact and that General Makenga is using his time in thorough training. His resistance with the support of his people, wherever we are is the key to the problem at hand.

2) Taking the talks from Kampala to South Africa doesn't mean much. Do you remember how part of this huge mess originated from Sun City? Is that what Kabila is looking for? A Sun City bis? With oil in the Virunga in the plans of Zuma and his family? We can expect much, which only confirms further my point 1. So Makenga like Hannibal will make his the motto I have on my profile: "Aut iam inveniam, aut faciam", meaning "I will either find a way, or make one".

But the author is right about France and the UN getting nervous at the sight of a close and determined collaboration between Nairobi, Kampala and Kigali. Their ally, Tanzania is being increasingly isolated. Time will tell.

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