Friday, 22 November 2013


These two attitudes are putting in jeopardy the peace process for the whole of DRC and more so, for the Kivu. It is obvious that the so called "victory over M23" has produced only intransigence and arrogance on the part of Kinshasa, as well as over-complaisance on the part of Kobler and what he represents, i.e the wide association of foreign vultures. While Kobler's attitude would be understandable, it is difficult to understand Kinshasa's blindness. They can sing victory, but it is obvious that they have not brought peace, just as yet. Kobler's stance is understandable because he has come only for this single mission, fight M23 on behalf of FARDC. This has had two interesting effects: a confirmation of FARDC total inability to fight any war on its own on one hand; on the other, it demonstrate how the international community, with their international media and/or NGOs have heavily campaigned to demonize M23, while the latter has consistently shown and finally proved that as a rebellion, they are perfectly capable of prioritizing peace. I should have added another effect actually and that is the confirmation that all accusations against Rwanda and Uganda as backing M23 were lies all along. They have been used only to bring in local arms of neo-colonialism in the form of Tanzania and South-Africa. 

The triple effect is good evidence of who are the artisan of this persistent "status quo ante"in the DRC: 1) Kinshasa itself, because Kabila and his clique have demonstrated their total detachment from the development of the country, they care only about the interests of their backers; 2) Foreign powers represented by the different western envoys: you can see today how empty the carefully crafted discourse of Mary Robinson, Rusell Feingold, and their barking german "wolfe disguised in sheep" have been all along - in fact we can say they were only meant to sink M23; the proof is there to been seen but no media is saying anything about the looting and the killings in North-Kivu, foreign media have gone totally silent; 3) Passive Africans and those allied to the enemies of this continent freedom: I am still hoping that ICGLR can continue to keep a different position and not join the band of continental regional blocks of traitors. 

However a friend told me yesterday that the African Union has timidly raised its voice through Boubacar Diarra who seems to think Kinshasa should be made to come to Kampala still. But why isn't it the General Secretary of the AU who is speaking or who is taking a plane to Kinshasa to confront Kabila and MONUSCO on two points: Kabila on the signature and MONUSCO on dealing with the other negative forces, which apart from FDLR should include FARDC who have ransacked Bunagana and environs in a witch-hunting against families suspected to be relatives of the defeated M23?

Who should be demonized now? Definitely not regional states trying to help bring peace. Their security and development concerns for the region are real and objective, way beyond the hypocritical interests of the US and UK allied to the genocide agenda of France in Sub-saharan Africa (wait and see the fate of Mali and the CAR). The ones that should be denounced now are Joseph Kabila's government and his backers, the UN at the front line and France behind the scene and not so discreetly. It is interesting to know that one member of the Kinshasa delegation to Kampala was visiting Etienne Tshisekedi yesterday in Kinshasa. Was he sent to ask "le Sphinx de Limete" for advise on how to revers the blunder brought about by Kinshasa's refusal to sign? I actually don't care about that. What I care about is whether our people have finally understood that those foreign envoy that drummed the agreement will be taking advantage of this "vacuum situation" to finally prepare the dismantling of the country. At least no one will accuse the Congolese tutsis for that, neither the neighboring countries who tried hard to broke a peace deal. Congolese who are singing the praises of FARDC will be surprised to see what Kabila is preparing for the country. In his own way, he is clearing the reputation of CNDP-M23, and also Rwanda and Uganda. The ugly face of neo-colonialists is about to appear forcefully.

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