Friday, 8 November 2013


For international media, all working for the French agenda in the African Great Lakes region, rebels' defeats sell more than the Congolese government victories, always. That is why you saw AP triumphantly announcing the alleged surrender of General Makenga yesterday. Of course, all journalists jumped unto such juicy news and repeated all the same line. what is puzzling is that the Government of Uganda has not made any declaration. i am not going to speculate about their reasons for not doing so. What I'd like to say is that those journalists are usually too quick to be objective. Besides, they will not dare to tell you that Makenga's men are still is the DRC with their armament , that would not sell and Ladsous guys cannot allow any media to say that. It would be an acknowledgement of yet another UN failure in the DRC. On the other hand, Ladsous' hench-men-journalists-and-otherwise roles are determined to show that the CIRGL has no diplomatic clout and that it is always the French agenda that prevails in the International Community circles. You can see that in the Pretoria declaration. One can ask: why is it that the other so called western powers, i.e. USA and UK who call themselves the most advanced democracies, hide behind the UN and let France' schemes to destabilize the region take over any common sense? That's a mystery that we might not unravel while the shifting sands of a new scramble for Africa are in full motion as we can see this week.

The UN is failing no matter what appearances are at the moment. Just check out anyone from New York to Kinshasa, and even Paris and see whether there any celebration for victory. There aren't because there wasn't a true victory. Which means that our struggle for freedom is on, no doubt about that. Because of this absence of true victory, which in itself puts Makenga in a new position for struggle, we could expect that the International Community would move the pressure unto Kabila to sign the agreement tomorrow. Let me warn you, that pressure will not happen, the UN is now going to focus on how to help get Kabila a new mandate. Watch out for the signs, if you want, by observing the formation of his upcoming government. He and his friends are hoping his new government will achieve what the concertations nationales have not achieved. Observe the role the international community will have in this matter, and you'll understand why they are so keen to weaken the CIGLR: it's all about their Kinshasa ally in looting the country, while silencing the only people who dare to challenge both Kabila's corrupt governance, and the UN gangsterism. They might think they have finished with M23, but as long as Kivu is not free, there always be CNDP, M23, etc... 

Another sign you should be observing is the FDLR movement in the forest along the DRC boarder with Rwanda. That should tell you where Kobler stands in this matter. I believe I have already said that you should not expect him to fight any other armed groups. A number of them are a creation of Kabila or of FDLR themselves. And the latter are close collaborators of Kobler's forces, darlings of general da Cruz??? What the FDLR movement along the Rwandan boarder is likely to tell you also is that the SADC has embrassed the Fench agenda in the region and they are out to help France finish its 1994 genocide agenda. It is so easy then to pretend there are no Congolese Tutsis to prevent this sinister plan to be carried out. I was positively surprised to see publish an old interview with Laurent Nkunda, please re-read it. Anyway, the UN has always failed in DRC, it will fail again this time. It's just a matter of time. And it will be defeated by a regional "know-how", which must make room for those who have defended this cause and will continue doing so.

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