Monday, 18 November 2013


He is, as we know, the spokesman of the Congolese government. There, he's said it, his government will go to Uganda on Wednesday to sign an agreement with M23. His is not an easy job. A week ago, he was explaining in a seemingly clear logic why his government would not sign an agreement, and would instead sign a declaration of M23 dissolution. That's his job: to go out there and say what the Rais wants him to say. To handle such a job, you need to renounce your own IQ, and train yourself on how to keep a straight face as you utter contradictory statements one after the other. I wonder whether the Congolese people can understand that there was no true military defeat. They should also have, at this point, a sense of the pressure put on the Rais to, for once, try and honor his own pledges. I don't know how long the UN is going to continue backing him up. I would not be surprised if Kobler is more engaged with FDLR agenda than supporting Kabila in his obstinacy to always back off when some form of solution to the DRC crisis is about to be attained. 

What is it that Kabila is afraid of signing? We hear that the agreement has 11 points, of which not much details are known. I do not think he is afraid of the reintegration of the army. At this juncture, he knows what that integration entails, within the specific case of the East of the DRC, from North-Katanga to Ituri. Is he afraid of the return of refugees? Why would he be? The only thing one can think of is that, since his friends FDLR, supported by the UN are still occupying the area where refugees and internally displaced people should return, there is no need for him to fear. Is he pretending and behind the scene planning with the UN and FDLR on how to continue a genocide on Congolese soil? It would not surprise because of the inertia, the passivity of the UN and all so called human rights organisations who do not say a word on the ongoing violation of human rights being perpetrated against our people in Eastern Congo. I hear that even Mwami Ndeze was arrested with MONUSCO complicity and taken to Kinshasa, just to mention one.

Is Kabila afraid of the so called disaster zone? He shouldn't be, when you know that entire chunks of country have become stateless and lawless and for so many years. Declaring a disaster zone, at least for the entire East, not just North-Kivu is something urgent. The state of things in these parts are sufficient argument to confirm the loss of state legitimacy in the area. Declaring it a disaster zone should open the way to its reconstruction, which should begin by uprooting FDLR from there. I have no clue of what is being signed, if ever, but I do know that any reconstruction of the disaster zone must imply the return of internally and externally displaced people, which would not happen in the right way unless FDLR are vanquished or sent back to their country. So Mr. Kobler, what are you waiting for to fight and disarm FDLR? Are they truly at the service of the UN here, that's why they are untouchable? Come on prove us wrong, turn your FIB MONUSCO against them to pave way for a lasting peace.

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