Thursday, 5 September 2013


This is interesting:

Nice photo you could say. And hopefully true diplomatic effort. However, as long as MONUSCO and FIB together with FARDC are working with FDLR, and everyone is keen to consider as negative force M23, these "diplomatic efforts" will be taking the wrong turn. All those meeting in Kampala should also steer clear from the routine slogan Kabila wants to hear, I mean the usual song: integrate the army, become another political party in his majority, etc... That's France and Belgium agenda, remember Louis Michel??? France's because that is what they are preaching to the Touargs in Mali, and that the mistake they induced Kabila into with the brassage, the mixage, amani leo, umoja wetu, etc, all failed predicaments, just because no one wants to listen to the political proposals of those who dare to defend the freedom and development of our dear province, the Kivu. We keep watching.

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