Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I read it this morning and I thought people can exaggerate, so I tried harder and got details from local and reliable sources in Goma. It must have been humiliating for that Brazilian general to tell Mrs. Robinson that, under his command, FARDC lost 6000 soldiers, yes six thousand, that's what I thought was not correct until I got confirmation. It is true that there are 800 wounded soldiers in the hospital part of the barracks complex in Katindo and they have spilled into the general hospital of Goma, and 120 more are being taken care of under Makenga in Rumangabo. However, you can be sure that this catastrophe was not presented to the UN official as a defeat and a failure of the French agenda in the Great Lakes. I am sure they presented it to her the way HRW does, as only another reason not to listen to the sons of this land who are fighting for its freedom, development and peace. I wish I was a fly around the room where this was being acknowledged. 

Though it is an important piece of information about Kabila useless war, it is practically irrelevant to Mary Robinson if she has come to perpetuate the French agenda in the region. We know the UN is always swayed by France when it comes to the Eastern part of DRC and we actually knwo why, so no surprise at Robinson utterances about M23 disarming, about a window of opportunity opened by the UN forces for negotiations, etc. I repeat that if there is any window for negotiations, it has been provided by Makenga's "know how" at fighting the coalition FIB-MONUSCO-FDLR-FARDC, and his patience to show that he fights only to defend himself and give chance to peace talks. Those who defend his same cause are ready to be patient because they are ready to persevere in defending it to the last one.

This determination is what no one can fight or destroy. I hear that France and Belgium are already working hard to botch the talks in Kampala by first and foremost making impossible the meeting of ICGLR heads of States called by its chairman, his Excellency President Yoweri Museveni. They will also fail. You can see that the former colonial masters are still arrogant confident that they can bring an African regional block on its knees. I hope ICGLR heads of states are watching and they must not allow these colonial masters to decide our future any longer. They have only brought misery to our land and more wealth to theirs and this has got to stop. Once I get more details on what France and Belgium (this could be the entire EU) are purporting  I will upload another post about it.

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