Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Dear readers, apologies for so many days without posting on the Kampala business: I was away with little internet connections, so tomorrow I should resume paging Kampala. In the meantime, you will find this recap quite insightful. I helps understand what I will be commenting on soon: that the fixation against M23 by the United Nations peace keeping mission boss is not about peace in the DRC; it is, as I said so many times before, about destabilizing any working leadership in the Region to achieve what France has been longing for, two decades on now: use the FDLR to destroy the region. Now you see how easy it will happen from the moment these genocidaires are incorporated by co-opting these guys to the UN forces present in Goma. We shall talk at length on this. Meanwhile, read this link: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Arms-and-the-Man-Who-is-C-by-Georgianne-Nienabe-Arms-Embargo_Arms-Restrictions_Arms-Smuggling_Atrocities-130915-102.html

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