Wednesday, 12 June 2013


This is quite laughable: Mwamba trying hard to sing the song that congolese ears love to hear. Boosted by his new role of spearheading the amorphous Adis-Abeba mechanism in the DRC, he came out today to declare that M23 will disappear out of sheer isolation, which the most cherished dream in Kinshasa. But he went further to say that the project geared towards peace as presented by M23 delegation in Kampala is not valid because it means simply balkanizing the country. I would like to believe that Mr. Mwamba knows how to read, and he is from the old school when the educational system of our country allowed people to learn how to analyse both spoken and written word. But I guess he did not bother reading, he wants to protect his boss in Kinshasa and does no how best to do that other than brandish the old ghost of balkanisation. 

Let us state a few things clear:

1. The total absence of the State in the Kivu has lasted too long: who can objectively blame M23 for fighting to bring back a semblance of order allowing populations in the East of the country to stop wandering from IDP camps to IDP camps? To my knowledge that should only bother the UNHCR that makes a living out of swelling numbers of refugees and displaced people.

2. No  one in the DRC, and much less M23, is interested in balkanising the country. What is sought is an inclusiveness that respect the great diversity of our people and resources. This means, that the DRC must stop victimizing M23 falsely claiming it wants to control the Kivu. Mwamba should know, wanting to develop the Kivu and have schools and hospitals and roads for our trade, reviving our traditional resource of fantastic livestock and agriculture is not balkanisation. It is simply development. But then again, Kabila officials love to see poverty levels in the Kivu grow exponentially.

3. M23 presence in Kampala shows resilience and strong willingness to give credit to CIGRL in its diplomatic role in brokering peace for the country. Mwamba cannot stand that, and in this he is just following Kabila who prefers the sharks of SADC, only interested in helping him to loot the country. Congolese seems to prefer that tactic: seeing their country sold by Kabila, with no gain whatsoever for the country. 

Finally, I believe that Mwanba and all Kabila cronies kept hoping that M23 will rush back to Goma to provoke the UN brigade into battle. They are at a loss since the peaceful approach is disconcerting for them. They should wait, Kabila has not given up his warmongering... In fact he is the one who has worked at dividing the country. His backers from the West have said it so many times. He should stop accusing M23 of a plan that has been prepared by the multinationals paying for his stay in Kinshasa. Sooner or later all this will backfire on him:

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