Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Back in the time of Nkunda they used to say “no Nkunda no job”. It wasn’t funny for someone who was fighting for the freedom to live in peace for the population in Kivu. They said he was the problem, and now those who are brave enough have acknowledged that he was part of the solution that has been neglected for too long, such that M23 is still trying to force Kinshasa to deal with the victimized population of the Kivu. However that popular motto of MONUC then was a clear picture of what the UN forces are here for. They don’t have anything to do, except earn fat salaries with hardship area allowances etc.

This situation has not changed with MONUSCO. They have nothing to do, except produce reports, and false reports for that matter, when it comes to M23. The latest is an old report dated 15th May and that the media are discussing only now (A/67/845-S/2013/245), claiming that M23 is recruiting child soldiers to increase its numbers.

This is a false report indeed, because it does not show any evidence for its claim. But who said that the UN must show evidence for its claims, these guys believe themselves to above any accountability for what they affirm. They don’t need to because the Congolese opinion as well as the International community that pays them do not need evidence when it about tarnishing M23 reputation. The press that is discussing the said report this week has not been able to show any picture or any registry to substantiate these claims. Certainly MONUSCO has enough equipment and personnel to produce pictures and copies of recruitment registries, which it can obviously obtain from M23. They know they are welcome at General Makenga’s headquarters and they access the Movement’s president at request. Moreover there is the option of visiting M23 training ground at the military barracks in Rumangabo.

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