Friday, 28 June 2013


President Barack Obama is in Africa, making one point forcefully: he wants African governments to promote gay rights, oh, the ever expanding spectrum of human rights, expanded by an immorally insane market that subversively is corrupting everything. We could write entire books about why Obama's policy is so keen in institutionalizing immorality, but one stands out: corrupt the youth of a nation, and you will control it for ever. We must resist this attack on our integrity.

However the most urgent attack to be resisted is the unending war Joseph Kabila is waging against the Kivu. The international community keep supporting the destruction this president has inflicted on a country devoid of a proper state and a proper nation. We know that this same international community is after the regime in Kigali because it has stopped them in their genocide tracks, there. So the attack is double: against the Kivu and the Great Lakes region, mainly Rwanda and Uganda.

If you think I am exaggerating, then check out the line up of battalions on the Eastern boarder from Goma, 1 battalion is ready in Muja. For those who don't know, Muja is only 5 km from Goma. The interesting data is that those are not FARDC battalions, they are FDLR battalions.  More FDLR are in Kalengera and Tongo: that's respectively 50 and more or less 70 km from Goma. Add to this, around 12,000 FARDC inside Goma and about 2100 UN brigade men, and you have a war on your hands. The Malawian still not decided to show up.War against the populations and against the neighboring countries, very specifically the town of Gisenyi.

Since things are in this state, you understand why MONUSCO is playing at distracting the opinion by spreading false rumors that M23 is recruiting children and has killed people in Jomba. Only people who don't know the country can believe that: how can M23 kill its own people? Jomba is their home. I myself saw children running after their cars chanting M23 oyeee, on the road to Jomba, very recently. Monusco is just looking for a pretext to distract people from the major attack Kabila and his allies are readying, at this very moment. If things go bad in a few days, you will know who started.

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