Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I should have added Jacob Zuma because he said it yesterday, a little louder than anyone else. In the DRC to check on his mining returns and probably his nephew's deals around oil exploitation in the Virunga National park, he was speaking of FARDC achievements in the Kivu while killings are happening in Lubumbashi. But at the moment I will not focus on Lubumbashi. I just want to remind Paluku, I can't do the same with Kobler because he's justed landed, heavy highhandedly though... I just want to remind Paluku how he run from Goma in November last year. I want him to rethink exactly how many men came down from Runyone and routed 800 FARDC chasing them all the way into Uganda. He should remember that the same strategists who are withdrawing from towns, primarily to avoid a war of FDLR-FIB-FARDC against civilians, are still running the military operations of the rebels. He also should know that, while the coalition FARDC-FIB/MONUSCO is still working with FDLR and that's what makes him and his boss feel invincible. The rebels know all too well how any civilian casualties will be quickly and squarely blamed on them. We've been going for a few months without  UN Experts reports incriminating rebels and neighboring countries, and that's what Ladsous men are looking for. We only had that Enough Project bla, bla, bla...

If Julien Paluku has memory, he should surely remember that the 400 men that marched all the way from Bunagana to Goma are the same ones giving way to Mamadou. The speed of things should invite caution, rather than early victory drums. You can't beat drums when you did not fight. 

Now let's try understand what is going on now. From the point of view of vultures, Ladsous and his Kobler have not changed, neither their objective, nor their lies. Speaking of Ladsous objective, it's the support for the corrupt regime in Kinshasa with whose benediction he can use FDLR to achieve the long time dream of France for the Great Lakes, a total war. M23 and before it CNDP -I tend to think that I really prefer Nkunda's CNDP- have proven to be a thorn in the foot for Ladsous. With the cause they defend, he cannot succeed, hence the whole implication of the UN forces into criminal and very soon to be, genocide activities, under the glare of the entire world. I mean, the entire world prefers to be obsessed with M23 and invest hugely into eradicating it, simply because it does two serious things: first its daring to challenge the corrupt neglect of the successive ruling classes of the DRC over the destiny and the place of Eastern DRC under the sun; secondly its no less daring determination to fight the genocide forces that have disfigured the country and particularly the Kivu. Now,  by daring to engage into these two points, CNDP and now M23 have exposed the extent of corruption of the international community that support the two fundamental ills destroying the Kivu and soon would destroy the Great Lakes.

If you have this in mind, you understand the impossibility for Kabila, Kobler, Paluku, Zuma, Feingold, Power etc... to grasp the move M23 is taking by withdrawing from all these towns. You can also understand why they'd be so quick to declare victory. But the real reason they are declaring victory so fast is the fact that they know the international community's commitment to the corrupt regime in Kinshasa and the protection they are always ready to give to FDLR. Can you now begin to see why New Vision was so quick to publish the now flopped scoop of Bertrand Bisimwa alleged arrest by Uganda security? They are just too happy to re-edit the January 2009 scoop by the then chief of staff of a neighboring army. That is what the media working for Kabila and Ladsous via Kobler are very quick to publicize. Actually a journalist has just asked me why a state media in Uganda should be the first to publish a hoax, he wasn't convinced by the fact that it is the Ugandan Army itself that denounced it as a hoax. Waow, the cause of my people has so many and powerful enemies, but that has never been a reason for us to abandon it or start acting cowards. The cowards end the way of the guys who tried to sow they division that saw a number of them arrested in the neighboring country. The rest will continue defending this cause to the last drop of blood of the last man or woman.

I hear that the US administration, after championing Kobler gangsterism, now is toning down its vitriol rhetoric against M23 and calling all the parties back to Kampala. They should be calling Kabila, he's the one who is forever leaving Kampala. It seems that they don't want anyone to loose. But why do you unleash a war if you don't want anyone to loose? Whether you manipulate the talks or not, for a government army and Ladsous army to fail to overcome M23 as they did CNDP is in itself a defeat. A defeat reminiscent of the international defeat together with the genocide forces in 1994. This new model of colonialism will be also defeated in due course, my people need tons of patience.

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