Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I waited long enough to see in which direction the International Community was going to mislead everyone in the Kampala talks. Now I can confirm as we knew all along that they did not want to take any direction. And more, they only want to keep the Kinshasa status quo going on. No doubt about that. On the surface, they are just spending money on their many trips and hotel business in Kampala. Underneath the surface, they, like Joseph Kabila, want to perpetuate the war in the Kivu. They, like Kabila, want to tranform the DRC, from the Kivu, into a chaotic mess like Somalia. They are aware M23 is the last obstacle they need to overcome in order to complete their sinister job. Some of you might find my view quite radical, but in reality, it has not changed. The proof of what I am saying is cast in the only thing Kabila and his International Community are working for. We know the only thing they'd like to see M23 sign is:

1) Desarm and reintegrate FARDC
2) Transform into a political party

And these, my dear readers are just two impossibilities. It is out of question for M23 to disarm, and even more so out of question for M23 to reintegrate FARDC. We've been there, done that as the popular saying goes. It is absolutely out of question for M23 to transform into a political party, sorry delegate Kambasu Ngeve. If you think that's a possibility you have not learnt the lessons of 2009. But I believe you are being forced by that so called international community to say that! I have thousands of reasons why M23 cannot and should not reintegrate FARDC. The brassage and mixage should be enough reasons not to try that again. But more importantly, no one from Kivu should integrate an army working with FDLR since 1994 to destroy the Kivu so systematically. The United Nations should understand that, while as an international body they have soiled their hands with our people's blood by working side by side with genocidaires in Rwanda, and then with their new version in the DRC, no son or daughter of the Kivu should ever do the same. Let Kabila's FARDC and the UN brigade do that, but do not use your phony and failed diplomacy to claim M23 should do the same.

Since 1959, political parties have brought some kind of curse on the political landscape of the DRC. As someone who studies politics, I should say that they are only machines of power used to seize it and then keep it at all cost, even in the so called modern democracies. They are never tools to develop the people. As manipulation tools, they are highly and thoroughly corrupt and corruptible. If you have any doubt on this, just go back and study how Kabila ended up assembling the famous Majorité Présidentielle. And again check the record to see whether this has taken the country in any development direction. It has instead created a blotted parliament with what the Congolese sense of humour calls des parlementaires budgetivores et per-diemistes. You need to create fat political parties and if you must swallow all the small ones to fatten yours even more, then you do it. Isn't Mwangachuchu still a CNDP member of the Kin political class? Has the transformation of the CNDP into a political party in 2009 accomplished anything at all?

While the Kin delegation like a capricious child slammed the negociations in Kampala, the so  called international community took over, "unofficially" they'd tell you, to try a force M23 into the absurd alternative above. No word about declaring the Kivu a disaster zone, because it does not please Kabila. Yet it is a disaster zone, though other parts of the country can claim more or less the same. In my opinion, this should be the only point on the agenda, but not with that name of a disaster zone: it should be an Urgent Funding Recostruction Zone. The conditions for dealing with it should come in this order: 1) Let M23 clear FDLR (not by FARDC or the MONUSCO-FIB because of their involvement with FDLR); 2) Resettlement of IDPs and refugees (because you need hard working people for the reconstruction); 3) Streamline and Phase out NGOs using a clear reconstruction agenda; 4) Heavy infrastructure funding involving roads, agriculture & livestock; education, health, water and sanitation; 5) Investment opportunities within a regional framwork towards the EAC, once FDLR have been uprooted.

So why is the international community being obstinate like the capricious Kabila? Very simple answer: they want like him to resort to the military option. They've wanted this all along. The stalemate in Kampala, the inclusion of Russell Feingold as the US representative in this whole thing, the Lasdsous agenda within the UN etc. are all tactics to drive to the war. I believe M23 knows this and would not be surprised that this is where all this is leading. The West's determination to militarize everything isn't even about peace, it's about the market for their arms industry and their thirst to create chaos everywhere. The recent history of geo-politics is plagued with this sinister agenda. So my friends do not expect much from Kampala. I am surprised at the M23 delegation patience in showing they really want to give a chance to peace, but no one else is interested in that as you can see.

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