Thursday, 14 November 2013


As we wait for our many spin doctors to explain to us what's next on the peace talks in Kampala, we can try to look at a few angles to the new stalemate of the DRC perennial crisis. 

1) Today all western powers represented by the different envoys who participated in the process, including MONUSCO, SANDF and the new kid on the block, Tanzania have told Kabila clearly: "we have fought your war in your place and we have, on your behalf, put your adversaries in a position to cease hostility. We've done it, you have not. So now go to Kampala and sign the agreement we have drawn up for both parties". Anyone who cared to read what Feingold has been saying has understood this scenario. 

2) Kabila refuses to sign. Now why are we not surprised? He never intended to and I have explained why in several earlier posts. The new angle to look at is that the International Community also knew he wasn't going to sign. One wonders then why did they wait in Entebbe on that big day that never was? The only explanation to their attitude is what I have already said: they are helping France to forge its destabilization of the region using the UN, under which all the other powers hide, and Kabila. That is the agenda now. Prepare to hear detractors finding fault with Uganda and Rwanda, because that is also part of their plans.

3) Naive M23? You can think that, when you see that these guys complied with everything the international community demanded. They complied with the aim of peace and the effort allowing political solutions to be found. Today, they may be happy to see the international diplomacy of lies in its full nakedness. The different envoys they met so many times were just lying. It's clear today. They are still lying when they say the dialogue is still open. Sincerely I believe Mende in his vuvuzela style was quite categorical.

4) Kinshasa's hollow triumphalism. Everybody, including the vultures, know that Kinshasa's triumphalism today is hollow. They are accusing Uganda because Kabila's cronies have a very short memory. They have already forgotten that if it wasn't because of his efforts they'd have lost Goma and who knows what else. When in trouble, they have to call upon others to rescue them. At this stage, they are hoping to either integrate the entire FARDC into MONUSCO-FIB-FDLR as the new national army, or we'll hear France sending troupes the way they did in 1994, or in Mali right now.

5) What the media and spin doctors are not saying. a) About M23. The most parroted line is that M23 is dissolved. Some soldiers are in cantonment in Uganda. We are even given figures, certainly cooked figures because everyone is talking about "alleged" numbers. No one is telling us anything about those still on the ground in the DRC. But that silence is a good thing. It is saving the face of Ladsous mission that claimed to have uprooted M23 from North Kivu. b) About FDLR. No one is telling us anything about the heavy tension building up between these guys and their backers as well as FARDC. I won't say anything about them either, except the fact that Kobler and everything he represents have lied on that too. He is not about to attack them. Soon he will tell us that he needs another dialogue, maybe in Germany, to decide whether FIB could or should attack them since they have help defeat M23... We shall see.

6) The small matter of an M23 réaliste. The incident happened yesterday. Kambasu Ngeve, Alidor Mutudi, Tchokwe, Baleke, Sendugu declared to be a different M23, been there, done that... They want to sign a declaration with Kinshasa. Haha. I hope they have been automatically ejected from the delegation. The cause of peace in North-Kivu and in the DRC in general will be defended by 50 loyal people rather than 2000 manipulated, or corrupt traitors. I haven't heard much about the incident, maybe tomorrow we will hear about it.

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