Monday, 11 November 2013


It seems that finally the Kinshasa government came but they want to change the name of the document to be signed. They are experts in creating distraction and the so called international community just lets them get away with it, hahah. No surprise there. Anyway, maybe someone has more recent development. Here is what I found a couple of minutes ago:

17h 40': Les membres de la délégation

gouvernementale sont en concertation après un
bref entretien avec le faciltateur Chrispus
KIYONGA. Selon les sources dignes de foi, il est
question du mot à accorder au document qui sera
signé. La faciltation parle d'un accord de paix
alors que le gouvernement de kinshasa impose
son appelation: "Déclaration de fin de la guerre.
Attendons voir ce qui va se passer ce soir.

Is the war finished with all the armed groups still active? FDLR getting impatient to be allowed to attack their own country from DRC after they played their part in subsituting FARDC in battles and fighting in the MONUSCO-FIB ranks? Tshibanda thinks the war is over!!

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