Monday, 18 November 2013


Martin Kobler should face war crimes court for his 'lies' over Camp Liberty – Patrick Kennedy

NCRI - The UN's representative in Iraq Martin Kobler should be sacked and hauled before the International Criminal Court for his 'repeated lies' that have left more than 3,000 Iranian dissidents abandoned in at Camp Liberty, former US Congressman Patrick Kennedy said.
Mr Kennedy - nephew of assassinated President John F Kennedy - said Kobler has sided with Iran's mullahs and the Iraqi government that was doing the extremist regime's bidding.
He told a protest meeting outside the UN headquarters in New York: "There is a cloud over the UN reputation, because one of their people... is standing on the side of the mullahs in Tehran and Nouri al-Maliki who is doing the bidding of Iran in Iraq.
"We are going to tell the truth whereas the presentation of Martin Kobler to the UN is all lies. We know that he has lied before and he continues to lie and today he is taking his lies to the seat of the UN to tell them more lies."
Mr Kennedy said he hoped the UN would be shown pictures of the dead an injured form the February 9 rocket attack on Liberty, adding: "They are victims because of his lies."
"Camp Liberty has become a killing field. A killing field that has allowed the Iranian regime to kill their opposition one by one, and they have done it with the assistance of Nouri Al Maliki, their puppet regime.
"So let us know that there are real people's lives who are being lost because of bureaucracy at the United Nations set by the person who is charged with protecting these refugees but instead has abandoned these refugees."
Camp Liberty was not safe because protective barriers had been removed and left them highly vulnerable to anger, Mr Kennedy said.
He told the meeting: "Those protective barriers were taken down by the Iraqi government. Why were those protective barriers taken down? Because the Iranian regime through their puppet in Iraq wants to kill the members of the MEK.
"Let us make it clear that more people have been killed in camp Liberty than have been resettled which was the job of the UN to see that these refugees are resettled.
"That was the promise for them to reorganize and move from camp Ashraf to camp Liberty. Why? Because the UN under Martin Kobler said this was what they needed to do in order to be resettled.
"Instead they have been killed. And what is Martin Kobler saying to the UN today? He should be saying resettle these refugees around the world today or let them go back to camp Ashraf where they will be safer from these kinds of attacks."
"We are here today to present an indictment, to present a human appeal to the UN that instead of listening to Martin Kobler, they ought to present him in front of another UN body, and you know what that UN body is. The International War Crimes Tribunal."
But he added: "The day is coming when there is going to be a new Iran where people like Madam Rajavi are going to offer the people of Iran the kind of future and the kind of country that the people of Iran can embrace and feel represent them as human being, instead currently in Iran we have a fascist dictatorship that I know is executing record numbers of their people.
"Why does the regime have to execute so many people in order to stay in power? The answer is because they have no legitimate authority to run Iran; that is why they are killing everybody.
"So, we ask the UN today instead of listening to Martin Kobler, look at the faces, the people who lost their lives because of his lies and quickly replace Martin Kobler and instead of listening to him investigate him.
Maybe we should ask why he cannot stand up may be because his wife represents Germany in Iraq which means her job is to ingratiate herself with Nouri al-Maliki. Martin Kobler’s wife and Martin Kobler are in a conflict of interest here.
"Instead of listening to Martin Kobler we need to replace him and make sure we return the refugees back to camp Ashraf where they can be resettled safely.
"The people of Liberty are the people of the rest of Iran. They are putting their lives on the line for freedom of future generation of Iranians who no longer want to live with the fear that they are going to be murdered and tortured by a regime that has no respect for human rights and human dignity.
"So, by fighting for the people of camp Liberty, we are fighting for a new Iran and that is why every one of these martyrs is a martyr for freedom.”

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