Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This is the question we should address to Mary Robinson who is earning handsome money  in her retirement age by crisscrossing East and Central Africa to protect the genocide agenda of France. I earn my meager living teaching a good bunch of fantastic under-graduate and graduate students and this lady does hers by fostering the chaos in Africa to allow her commanditaires to over colonize us again. That's why she is helping France so keenly. So I hear she is back to push for the defunct peace deal in Kampala: But we already know that signature or no signature of that forsaken deal, the fight must go on. There is an urgent need to fight it differently with plan B, C, D, E etc... until our people can live on their land again, the same land Kabila is selling out with the help of corrupt UN forces, envoys, frameworks and whatever. In Africa, independence has never been given, except to Tanzania. Every other people have had to fight for it and ours will still have to be snatched from the jaws of furious and powerful lions in the West, thought they present themselves in the form of a seemingly harmless granny Robinson. She of all people, who comes for Ireland, should know what it is to fight against implacable colonial masters. She cannot because she's been in the UN system which is an expert in brainwashing "leaders" with money rather than with true political ideals. Let's watch and see what she does. I can assure you only on what she will not do: you will not see her asking Kobler and da Cruz to fight FDLR. Now that France is getting another SC resolution to beef up its troupes in CAR, she will go silent on FDLR. Read between the lines and you will see an operation Turquoise coming down from Bangui to meet up with Monusco somwhere, Mali is under control of the same power etc... Tell me why France is so keen on a resolution on CAR (4.5 Million people on a territory about the same size as France full of mining and oil resources, water, forest, etc...)? Do you what I mean? 

No one should trust these envoys, including Russell Feingold. Have you observed that the US administration has failed with just a website for what they have called their best reforming policy? How can an Administration that failed to have a functioning website can still claim to be in a position to solve our politico-historical problems? No wonder we have on record a "hummmmm" answer from Feingold to a question regarding the peace deal he claim to have forged for the DRC.

In the meantime, the Rais is about to reach Goma if his great cars have allowed him to dodge the muddy road from Kisangani. He might have to reach Beni from where he can fly to Goma, or has he done it already? In Goma he is relying on Paluku Julien, Paluku Magloire and Omar Kavota to put people on the streets to greet his ending power. But the Gomatraciens' heart is not with him. Western powers, in their determination to destroy anything tutsi related, have helped him to regain his semblance of power by sending M23 into Uganda. However, they have not restored the peace he needs to win new elections, they have rather weakened it. If I were him, I'd be watchful. It is not the CNDP-M23 that wanted to split the country, it's these Western powers that want a chaotic DRC in order to split it better and faster. When this happens, at least Congolese should know whom to blame. At the moment, the only weakness showing up a bit on the DRC front is discussed by this diaspora media that demonstrates, most of the time, that it can have some objectivity. You might not agree with the article, but you can agree with its title at least: . As for CNDP-M23, I'd say the effort must be focused on Plan B, C, D, E, F even Z if necessary; simply because the ideals the CNDP fought for are the only ones that can defeat the Western greed over our countries and people.

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