Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Anyone who heard the key note speech made by Good old wise man from Kampala at Kasarani international sports ground in Nairobi Kenya, felt good about being African once again, a glimmer of hope appeared when Uhuru Kenyatta echoed him by suggesting a return to true panafricanism. I don't know how journalists will twist his words tomorrow, but I promise to give you my own insight on the matter as soon as I can. In brief though, I must say that he started by thanking Kenyan voters for having shunned totally the ICC blackmail. From there he lashed out against what now I call the ICP, alias international community of predators on a number of accounts. The crowd and all of us watching couldn't be happier to hear someone trying to convince us again that we might find home grown solutions to our local problems. We'll talk about that soonest. I must find a youtube rendition of the speech!

Here it is! Enjoy. I like the way he is so clear about the fact that we cannot wait for the United Nations to come and solve our problems. I believe Joseph Kabila who was present was listening.


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