Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Press Release No. 012/M23/CNDP/2012

Given the seriousness of the false and slanderous allegations made against elements of the M23 by the Governor of North Kivu dated May 15th, and repeated by the Minister of Communications on Friday 18th of this month, stating that M23 would have recourse to Rwandan genocide in the current fighting, the coordination of the Movement wishes to clarify the following:

1. Faced with dramatic setbacks suffered by FARDC units at the hands of M23, the Congolese government has chosen to adopt a new communication strategy whose sole purpose is to cover the traditional methods of warfare, used by FARDC as everybody knows;

2. This new strategy is consists in publicly attributing to the opponent the use of the Rwandan genocide forces FDLR, and thus hide the fact that it is the Government that is recruiting and using them to spearhead FARDC attacks.  M23 is in possession of documentation including irrefutable evidence on the positions held by FDLR elements ahead of FARDC and FARDC units controlled by the FDLR officers, as well as their involvement in the ongoing fighting.

3. This communication strategy of the Congolese Government cannot work, since it cannot convince anyone because of the fact that the business relations binding these Rwandan genocide forces to the Congolese Government in peacetime as in wartime for many years now are well known publicly.

4. The M23 whose political struggle is aimed and first securing the Congolese people against these genocidal force cannot, in any way, cooperate with them or make peace with them. M23 does not intend to end its struggle before FDLR are properly brought to account for the acts and exactions ommitted by them against the Congolese civilian population.  The Congolese Government is aware of this.

5. The M23 Coordination takes this opportunity to invites all friends of the Congolese people to be more discerning with regards to declarations made, in recent days, by Congolese officials, because they do not reflect the reality on the various front lines.

6. The M23 has the discretion to making public the evidence proving the continuing and strong collaboration between the FARDC and the FDLR.

Made in Rutshuru, 22 May 2012

For the Coordination of M23
The High Military Command Spokesman
Lt. Col. KAZARAMA Vianney

Vous trouverez sur ce lien une interpretation vautoursque pour le moins rocambolesque de ce qui se passe chez nous. Le titre semble bien intentionnĂ©, mais que des foutaises dans l'article:

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