Saturday 29 June 2013


When the UN decides to leak its GoE (group of experts) reports, you know it is making a move to sink the DRC into more trouble and, at the same time, create more jobs for themselves. Sinking the DRC into more trouble on the part of Western powers via UN, NGOs or hungry and ruthless corporatism is a long term process meant to dismantle the country. They work at it tirelessly, and then use the phony GoE reports to blame any local effort to free the country from their jaws. It is in this sinister logic that you need to read their accusations by which they insist for example that M23 is trying to create a state within a state. That's not M23 agenda, it's the vultures agenda.

What has prompted the new leaked report? Some are convinced that it is leaked just on time for UN meetings to push further for the UN Intervention Brigade starting its lethal mission in the Kivu. If you read some of the materials, you can see how the report actually is meant to prepare a terrain for a UN intervention because the whole documentation incriminates M23, the Ugandan and the Rwandan Governments. But going through the details you will have a hard time finding substance and or evidence of all and each allegations( In fact the usual line of of the UN GoE does not change at all. You will find nothing new.

Reuters, which is the recipient of the leaks, is writing anti-M23, anti-Uganda, and anti-Rwanda headlines. And of course pro-FDLR, which is the same thing as MONUSCO. For example, an entire Reuters articles quotes the report extensively about Ntaganda escape. You'd think we'll find anything new. After saying how he escaped, the article insists that, without Ntaganda, M23 is a crippled outfit!!! But to reach that conclusion, it seems that the report has a confusion about how, for example Rwanda supported Ntaganda and Makenga against each other. So clear that the only thing that matters for the UN is to always accuse Rwanda in a perennial bid to avoid dealing with the DRC problems, and more so to avoid acknowledging M23 as a force to reckon with if the DRC is to be fixed, at least in its Eastern part. In the same vein of showing how weak M23 has become after Ntaganda, the report concludes that the communities have stopped supporting Makenga, so he is broke and has no more military personnel. Laughable!

Another article of Reuters on the same says that according to the GoE, military commanders in DRC and in Rwanda are fueling the violence in Eastern DRC. However, it omits to say that FARDC, together with FDLR are cooperating with Monusco in mining deals, while at the same time, they are working with the new Brigade commanders assisted by French Experts in Goma on how to use the M23 pretext to create ideal conditions for destabilizing Rwanda and Uganda.The GoE seems to suggest that though M23 is weakened, it is still a threat to Kinshasa. The problem is that rather than M23, it is the UN itself that poses a threat not only to Kinshasa, but also to the region. In fact, at the moment, M23 must prepare to defend itself, the people and the region against both the corrupt government in Kinshasa and the no less corrupt UN and its brigade, in Goma and New York. Actually I wonder whether this is not the time for the governments in the region to support M23 and defeat this double enemy. 

With this panorama in mind, now we know why last week, the accusation of recruiting children came out. The UN is convinced that M23 has no support locally, but this is simply blindness. They don't need to recruit children, they have young men joining them because the cause to fight for is ever clearer and clearer. It is easy to write phony reports from comfortable offices in New York or comfortable hotels in Goma, from where those pseudo experts are actually afraid to move. If they'd go meet Makenga or any of his officers, they'd see whom he has been recruiting. Anyway, at the moment they cannot provide any evidence of the children he recruited. However, he can show the children he freed. And by the way he is alive and kicking. Kabila knows it, that's why these last two days he seems to be retreating into a consultations mode. Who will believe him again after his cronies have snubbed Kampala? I told you before that whoever holds Goma on the line, holds the sway of the DRC peace process. Certainly, it is not the UN GoE.

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