Saturday 31 August 2013


As I said last night that Mende would be over the moon, I should have added that the FARDC-FDLR too. It is so easy to see the hand of France in the whole mess in the Kivu. So this is what is happening now: the infamous coalition is in ongoing meetings at 3 Antennes planning how to go after Makenga's men. This is actually one of the things I predicted last night. The question is whether they will resist bringing the UN again on board. There are no civilians in the forest around the Nyiragongo foothills. 

Strictly speaking, if MONUSCO was to do its "claimed" job, it should not interfere in the battle the FARDC-FDLR are planning. I know that at first this coalition was not willing to go after the rebels. They were saying that the rebels are probably preparing an ambush of some sorts, but the tone of voice in Kinshasa is pushing them for war. Don't be surprised if that's what they do exactly between today and tomorrow. At their own risk though, we should say. 

In the meantime, some hackers traceable to South-Africa have hacked into Soleil du Graben and Congodrcnews website, in a bid to silence anyone who gives people the chance to know the other side of the story. And we talk about the era of freedom of speech as a human right. It is proving to be a right only for the criminal UN and its allies!

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