Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Kinshasa does not know how to do things quietly even when that is Kabila's intention! This is what seems to have happened. Kabila's top diplomat, not Tshibanda, but none other than Malu Malu has come and left Kampala in the space of few hours. I call him the top diplomat, but maybe I shouldn't since he was with Raymond Tshibanda, on paper the foreign affairs minister. So how shall consider Malu Malu the trusted man for the Rais. The indispensable head of the electoral body, the one who supposedly was coming to Kampala with the hummer to finish off the M23. For the congolese people, it should be important to understand why Tshibanda cannot negotiate the peace in Kivu, and it has to be Malu Malu, in the other life we will know. 

At the moment, let's try follow the sequence of events plus the rumor. Not long ago, the GoE Un report came out. When we thought we have finished dealing with that, a few Western media are still singing that one key data revealed was that M23 and FDLR are weakened militias, which Kinshasa and FARDC officers believed to the letter. You want the proof of that? They immediately attacked M23 so sure they'd defeat it in one go. Interesting move because the M23 is in full alert since November last year, there is no let up. Could FARDC really like suicide moves? No, they run back to hide at Monusco barracks near Monigi at outset of the Goma airport. This is what prompted Kinshasa' sick or fake diplomacy to go to Kampala. May be Kabila thought that such provocation from FARDC would bring a full assault by M23 onto Goma. But if this was the case, how could he send his emissaries to Kampala with the sole purpose of asking his M23 counter-part to dissolve its army? Is he really in a  position to demand that? Malu Malu remembers very well what happened with the "brassage" and "mixage" of sad memory. It is out of question to suggest, whether you are a diplomat, a Kabila top dog or whatever, that M23 army should dissolve itself, or accept to be redeployed elsewhere than the territory it controls and/or holds in sight.

So once again the UN experts have cheated the FARDC and Kabila's diplomats have shown their usually zero innovation in diplomatic ideas, leave alone workable solutions. May be the Western gurus have also failed Kabila because they cannot advise him to repeat failed proposals when they know that last week's "escarmouche" was stopped only because General Makenga, graciously called his guys back, since he is interested in a political solution to this political problem. There is one more fact showing that the UN report lied when it said that M23 can't even control their own territory. In that, actually the UN experts are just like Radio Okapi's journalists. Remember when they said that Makenga was dead or was in hospital in Kampala? That Lt Col Seco Mihigo was killed in Kalengera while he was in Rumangabo? That Col Kaina was dead when he is actually overseeing operations from Kibumba? To be more precise they are all in charge: from Butembo Lt Col Birinda is in Mabenga, from Ishasha Lt Col G. Musana is in Rutobogo, from Tongo, Lt Col Mugabo has blocked the enemy's way to Kalengera and Rumangabo, and at the "gate" of Goma, you have Col Mboneza, Makoma and Gipanga. Everyone is ready for anything be it from FARDC or from Tanzanian and South Africa Mercenaries. You can see that Kabila has reasons to fear for Goma, but he does not seem to want a political solution at all, since according to rumors Malu Malu came to Kampala to demand from M23 an impossibility. It would be nice to ask Kabila who has leverage between him and the guys who are in Kanyarucinya, Mutaho and Muja with Goma so close in sight, and the way to Sake as well.

You can read here more lies from a French representative at the UN: http://nanojv.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/araud-rwanda-prusse/. You will also remember that when Obama was around he promised not to interfere with internal politics of our countries, but warned foreign governments to leave the DRC in peace. Was he also speaking for South Africa and Tanzania, countries that he actually visited and had meetings with their heads of State, whom we know have sinister interests in DRC and are getting ready to wipe out our people, that's sheer double talk, isn't it? Let me go to class, we shall continue watching what happens next.

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